Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One mile recap

After being sidelines for way to long, I was allowed to run one mile. I woke up with my alarm clock even though I did not want to get out of bed. It was set for 8am but the ght I woke up plenty of times due to allergies, choking and whatnot. I woke up, put my running gear on and was out the door. I snapped some pictures to document the momentous occasion. All I have to say was, wow, one mile, I am out of shape..

So back to my knee.... Well I tnk I was thinking too much about it because I felt random things going on in my knee, it went right away. I got about .5 miles in and I was out of breath, I sold down, turned around and continued. Finally, at about .75 miles in, the pain was there. The darn knee pain that had been there since December.

Well, back to the doctor I went, I have one week of intense exercises, icing and stretching and then is get to run a mile again. Woohoo!!!!

Picture to follow because I apparently cannot upload pics from my iPad.

Anyone know how to upload pics to blogger from an iPad?

What do you do when an injury sidelines you?


  1. Sorry it didn't go well .... it's a slow process GB. Take it easy and don't get too discouraged.

    1. Thanks :) I am hoping for a 5k soon!


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