Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gasparilla Volunteer Recap

After cheering on great friends Gasparilla Distance Glassic Saturday morning, that afternoon I headed back down to the convention center to shop around and Volunteer for the Team and Training Tent.  I was there with Cody and George and we had tons of fun!  We got to speak to people interested in joining.  If  YOU have any questions, let me know!

Sunday morning, my roommate and I woke up very early.  Maybe around 4:30 to be out of the house at 4:55 to be down at Bayshore Blvd. by 5:30 to start setting up for a water stop.  We were going to be handing out water for the half marathoners.  The weather for Saturday was ridiculous.  On the way there, it was pouring and 25-30 mile per hour winds.  

In the rain, we started setting up our 10 mile water stop.  The wind was terrible the cups kept getting knocked over.  We were not only drenched from the rain, but from the water blowing on us.

 When the race started I was all ready to start handing out my cups of water!!  Next time I volunteer, I am going to post my phone number on my shirt or bring a stamp so I can give it to all the sexy runner men.  I have high hopes :)

 We waited for the runners to approach up.  You can see how fast the first place runners are.  The above pictures are at the mile 8 stop.

It took a while to figure out how to give the runners the water.  You have to cup it a certain way so they can just grab it from you.  I have never realized this because when I go through a water stop I walk so it is not an issue.  I know I m not breaking any records except for my own.  We did have a little mishap with the water/gatorade cups and it confused all the half marathoners.

 I learned it is great to wear rain boots while volunteering at a water stop.  Water spills when runners grab it from you, or it spills over from the wind.

 At mile 10, the leader's time was 51:52.

 yes, this is how windy it was.

As a "runner" I am always thankful of the volunteers at the race.  This was my first time volunteering after many times wanting to.  Thank  you Team in Training for giving me the opportunity to volunteer.

What I loved more than anything, seeing my amazing friends, bloggers, and the "slower" people like me rocking on!!!!!

I will be volunteering at the Irongirl half marathon in Clearwater next month!!


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