Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pain free!!!

I have ran one whole mile...PAIN FREE!!!

This has not happened since December. This Wednesday, after working out with a trainer I strapped on my new IT band strap and headed out for a ONE mile run.  Unfortunately, it started to lightening and thunder when I reached .4 and ran the fastest my sore legs can carry me back to my friend Carol's house.  Note* I am terrified of lightening and thunder.  That half of a mile was pain free so I was pretty stoked.

Since Wednesday's run was less than a mile, I set out Thursday right after work for a one miler!!!  I had a doctor's appointment Thursday so I needed to get it in.  My body was so sore from two days of working out with a trainer.  It is not Saturday and I still hurt, Thanks Sans!!

Thursday I threw on some running clothes, my sneakers and again, my IT Band strap for my leg.  I went down my stairs, walked around a bit to "warm up" for the long long run!!!  I was off....and I was out of breath and hurting!!!  That was the hardest one mile run, probably EVER!!!!  No pain halfway through, I was stoked.  I turned around at the .5 mark and made my way home.  It was hot and gross out, I really just wanted to be laying in my bed.  I finally made it home after 12 crazy long minutes of running...PAIN FREE!!!!!

This seriously has been the most excited I have been in months!!!

After the run I went to the doctor.  I was actually excited to go.  He told me I can increase my milage slowly but still do the crazy exercises, stretches, foam rolling and icing that I have been doing.  I may have neglected this week, simply because..I forget.. :(

Thanks for listening.

Here are a few pics from my run :)

How long does it take you to get back into the swing of things? 

 How long does it take you to work your way back to an easy distance or speed?

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  1. There will be muscle memory, so once you are running regularly it will return pretty quick. Running is one of those things that you lose quick, but can regain quick also. I am very happy to see that you're doing some easy runs pain free. When will we see you on Thursday again? You can always turn at .5 ya know :)


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