Thursday, October 4, 2012

Friday letters 2

Happy Friday!
I was not sure Friday was going to arrive, but I am so glad it did.  This has been one crazy week.  Catching up from a weekend out of town, dads birthday, 2 observations, making it to the gym twice..(wow, over achiever here)!

It is time to say goodbye to the workweek, gear up for 20 miles, lesson plan, and relax.

To start us off, here are my Friday letters :)

Dear self
Great job not letting people steal you in the wrong direction.  You rock :)

Dear quad,
Please hold up for my last 20 miler this weekend.  You have been pretty good so far, I want to not hate the NYCMARATHON.

Dear other bloggers,
Keep on blogging! I am so motivated by you guys! Anything from fashion, budgeting, to fitness, I love it all!! (What must reads to you recommend?)

Dear 70.3 finishers and 140.6 finishers,
I envy you! I will be you one day!

Dear closet,
I had to rewear a dress today for the first time since school started.  I guess I'll have to wear pants and shirts.


Dear weekend,
I am so excited for you!

What are your plans this weekend? What are you excited for? 

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