Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday letters

Happy Friday!  Oh boy am I excited it it Friday!  I am even more excited I am off today! This week has been long, I cannot imagine having to work today! With it being homecoming, I was at work yesterday until 9, and that is past my bedtime!

This weekend I have so much fun awaiting me, run inning, wedding, concert, and I could keep going but I won't bore you, but now it is time for some Friday letters :)

Dear Self, hair, grow faster so you can chop it off and donate it!  Dear Leg, stop hurting so I do not look like a gimp! Dear NYC Marathon email, keep them coming!  I get more and more excited Dan time I check my email.  Dear Halloween candy, you are the devil! But I love you so much! Dear mom and dad, I am so happy you live an hour away and closer to work, it feels so nice to be spoiled again!  Dear room, you will be cleaned this weekend! I will own you!

If you wrote letters, who would you write them to?
What are your exciting weekend plans?
And do not forget to link up on Sunday for your weekly workout recap!

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  1. I am so excited for you! Two weeks, right??? :)


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