Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekly Workout Recap

Yes, this post is late, and yes, I am sorry!
My computer and internet are a little moody.  Sometimes it likes to work and other times, not so much.  This is what I have been dealing with lately as my computer is hardly working now.

Let's just say, the weeks leading up to a marathon are crazy, especially if you are missing work and have to have lessons prepared!  Man do I wish I had a job that wasn't harder to not be at work, and by that I mean, I have to work even harder when I am not at work because my students still need something to do.
Please do not take that as a complaint, I love my job, but sometimes, very often, I am very jealous of those who get to leave their work at work at the end of the day.

Let me just get started with this weeks workouts.

Monday I was so excited to get out there are run!  I had all this energy I wanted to release.  Well, this run was less than stellar as it was supposed to be a 4 miler on Tuesday but I moved it to Monday because I was bored.  This turned into 2 painful miles... As, I ran there and ran/walked back.

Tuesday I had a sports massage and I think she did wonders to my leg!  I wasn't taking any chances running my heart out

Wednesday I had a dentist appointment and thought I would go swimming or biking afterwards.  That changed once I got there and had to get work done and couldn't eat or drink after.  There goes my cardio to stay hydrated :(

Thursday I had a busy day and was headed to Meghan's for a jewlery party.  I normally would NOT run on a busy day, and just get ready.  Guess who was a big girl and ran?! Yup, this one here!  I cut it a mile short because of time, but I did 3 hard miles!  By hard I mean, wow, keeping that 12 min mile pace was tough.  My body just didn't want to move, at all.  But I powered through

Friday and Saturday were much needed rest days!

Sunday, I completed in my who knows what number half marathon!  That race was a great race for me.  I didn't have stomach issues till I got home and I PR'd by a few minutes.  I will hopefully do a race recap on that as soon as my computer wants to work.  I met Meghan and we carpizzled there.

This upcoming week! NYC MARATHON :)  Just sayin'

Oh, and link up :)

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