Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Quote Day

"In running, it doesn't matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. You can say, 'I have finished.' There is a lot of satisfaction in that."
-Fred Lebow, New York City Marathon co-founder

My thoughts exactly :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

It was like Christmas

Last week I was playing online and I came across the sneakers that have been a miracle through my two years running.  I have very sensitive feet.  They blister with anything.  On sale at the Brooks website were my Brooks Ravenna 2's.  I quickly input my credit card information and waited for them to arrive!  They came in the mail this week with a little surprise, a coozie!!!!

I am all ready for ING NYC!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gasparilla Volunteer Recap

After cheering on great friends Gasparilla Distance Glassic Saturday morning, that afternoon I headed back down to the convention center to shop around and Volunteer for the Team and Training Tent.  I was there with Cody and George and we had tons of fun!  We got to speak to people interested in joining.  If  YOU have any questions, let me know!

Sunday morning, my roommate and I woke up very early.  Maybe around 4:30 to be out of the house at 4:55 to be down at Bayshore Blvd. by 5:30 to start setting up for a water stop.  We were going to be handing out water for the half marathoners.  The weather for Saturday was ridiculous.  On the way there, it was pouring and 25-30 mile per hour winds.  

In the rain, we started setting up our 10 mile water stop.  The wind was terrible the cups kept getting knocked over.  We were not only drenched from the rain, but from the water blowing on us.

 When the race started I was all ready to start handing out my cups of water!!  Next time I volunteer, I am going to post my phone number on my shirt or bring a stamp so I can give it to all the sexy runner men.  I have high hopes :)

 We waited for the runners to approach up.  You can see how fast the first place runners are.  The above pictures are at the mile 8 stop.

It took a while to figure out how to give the runners the water.  You have to cup it a certain way so they can just grab it from you.  I have never realized this because when I go through a water stop I walk so it is not an issue.  I know I m not breaking any records except for my own.  We did have a little mishap with the water/gatorade cups and it confused all the half marathoners.

 I learned it is great to wear rain boots while volunteering at a water stop.  Water spills when runners grab it from you, or it spills over from the wind.

 At mile 10, the leader's time was 51:52.

 yes, this is how windy it was.

As a "runner" I am always thankful of the volunteers at the race.  This was my first time volunteering after many times wanting to.  Thank  you Team in Training for giving me the opportunity to volunteer.

What I loved more than anything, seeing my amazing friends, bloggers, and the "slower" people like me rocking on!!!!!

I will be volunteering at the Irongirl half marathon in Clearwater next month!!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Two Weeks chocolate Free

It has been two weeks that I have been chocolate and ice cream free.

I can't say that I notice a difference with anything.  I am still craving chocolate.  That will soon pass I am sure.
I have been eating reeces pieces at the movies instead of anything chocolate.

I purchased "Yonanas" which makes an ice cream like substance with frozen bananas and frozen fruit.  I tried it yesterday and really liked it.  Into the machine went one frozen banana, frozen strawberries then another frozen banana.  It was yummy and I will definitely be making another one tonight.  The texture was smooth :)  Next time I plan on putting some chia seeds and maybe some protein powder.

Have you ever given anything up?  How did you deal with cravings?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Gasparilla Spectator Recap

I am finally getting ready to tell you about my amazing time spectating at the Gasparilla Distance Classic that took place here in Tampa, Florida.

The main reason for heading downtown for the Gasparilla Classic 15k and 5k was because many of my friends were running, but Carol was running her first 5k and my friend Nicole was running the 15 k earlier that morning.

Friday night, Carols roommate Justin and I made fun posters for her.  I am sad I didn't take any pictures but also glad because I am not artistic and he is much more creative.  His rocked much more than mine.

Saturday morning, him and I headed downtown and saw Carol and her Boyfriend.  They went to pick up their packets, we got free samples and shopped a little.

We somehow got suckered into holding their stuff, which was no biggie expect for the fact we were told the race started 30 minutes before it actually did and Justin needed to be back home to take his dog to the vet way before we did.. WOOPS..

Anyway, we hung out with Carol before she was off then I moved over to watch Nicole finish her 15k.  I snapped this picture of her where she was pretending to be me.  Incase you were unaware, I LOVE to smile for cameras and do funny things..

Nicole and her mom always come to cheer me on and I figured it was my turn to pay it forward.

Carol and Scott before the race began

Carol rocked her first 5k!!  

I loved spectating!  It was great to see the super duper fast people win the 5k!!  The energy in the air was outstanding.  It really motivated me to continue with my "rehab" to start running again.  I originally wanted to run the 4 races this weekend but was so happy just to be there.  I love to be around runners.  It is so motivating.

I can't wait to spectate more races in my area!  Next time, bring silly signs :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Accomplishments of 2011

As 2011 is ending we are reflecting on what we have accomplished this year.  There are many things I was working towards or didn't realize I was working towards until it happened.

Here are a few things I accomplished this year

1. I graduated with my Masters degree!!

2. Got a full time teaching job :) I guess that masters paid off, well, not financially (yet).

3. I finished a Marathon

4. Raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

5. I got a little faster in my runs (not much, but a little)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pain free!!!

I have ran one whole mile...PAIN FREE!!!

This has not happened since December. This Wednesday, after working out with a trainer I strapped on my new IT band strap and headed out for a ONE mile run.  Unfortunately, it started to lightening and thunder when I reached .4 and ran the fastest my sore legs can carry me back to my friend Carol's house.  Note* I am terrified of lightening and thunder.  That half of a mile was pain free so I was pretty stoked.

Since Wednesday's run was less than a mile, I set out Thursday right after work for a one miler!!!  I had a doctor's appointment Thursday so I needed to get it in.  My body was so sore from two days of working out with a trainer.  It is not Saturday and I still hurt, Thanks Sans!!

Thursday I threw on some running clothes, my sneakers and again, my IT Band strap for my leg.  I went down my stairs, walked around a bit to "warm up" for the long long run!!!  I was off....and I was out of breath and hurting!!!  That was the hardest one mile run, probably EVER!!!!  No pain halfway through, I was stoked.  I turned around at the .5 mark and made my way home.  It was hot and gross out, I really just wanted to be laying in my bed.  I finally made it home after 12 crazy long minutes of running...PAIN FREE!!!!!

This seriously has been the most excited I have been in months!!!

After the run I went to the doctor.  I was actually excited to go.  He told me I can increase my milage slowly but still do the crazy exercises, stretches, foam rolling and icing that I have been doing.  I may have neglected this week, simply because..I forget.. :(

Thanks for listening.

Here are a few pics from my run :)

How long does it take you to get back into the swing of things? 

 How long does it take you to work your way back to an easy distance or speed?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

You know you are a runner when...

So, I found this article on a friends Facebook Page and figured I would share and do some dissecting of my own.
You know you are a runner when...  There is the link.

Green will mean Yes
 Black will mean NO

. . . you see a 13.1 sticker on a car’s bumper and know what it means.  I do love explaining to everyone what the different numbers stand for
. . . the theme from “Rocky” gives you goose bumps... I actually have never seen "Rocky"
. . . you know where your illiotibial band is located. Yes, and mine is not OK :(
. . . you keep running clothes in the carry-on and business clothes in a checked bag.  Luckily I do not travel for work
. . . you give up running for Lent. I am Jewish.
. . . you consider pasta a food group.  Only my favorite food ever
 . . . you plan vacations around races.
. . . dogs have to hurry to keep up with you. I do not have dogs and I am slow
. . . you spend $100 on running shoes but buy your dress shoes in the clearance section.
. . . you can easily convert kilometers to miles, and vice-versa.  I am not that smart
. . . you have a tan line when you take off your runner’s watch. Maybe not my runners watch but running clothes
. . . people are amazed you can eat so much and stay so thin.
. . . you’re excited that your next birthday will put you in a new racing age group. Im scared to get older
. . . your calf muscles are bigger than your biceps.
. . . you get a massage but it’s not for pleasure.
 . . . old running shoes and shorts are part of your emergency pack in your car’s trunk 
. . . you use “easy run” and “5 miles” in the same sentence.
. . . you go into Starbucks more often to use the bathroom than to buy coffee.
. . . you have more shoes than your wife and they’re all for running. ..Well, I am female..

. . . you enjoy going to the golf course, but not to golf. I don't even really understand this one..
. . . you give up Friday happy hour because you have a long run the next morning. oh way too often!!!
. . . you’re envious when you see runners on the road and you’re driving in a car. Especially now since I am not supposed to be running
. . . you spend more on running clothes than on school or work clothes.
. . . you’re the only one outside in the pouring rain.  My favorite run to date was at Flatwoods park with my Coach for 11 miles in the pouring rain! We rocked it :)
. . . many of your toenails are not pink anymore.  either black or not there
. . . you’re actually proud of your blackened toe nails.  
. . . there is a “running” playlist on your iPod
. . . you see a hill and want to run up it
. . . you correct others that a marathon is really 26 point two miles.  The .2 is a lot!
. . . you view drinking beer as carbo-loading.
. . . you go for a run the morning of your wedding day.  I'm still searching
. . . you chafe in strange places
. . . you get mad that an injury keeps you from running, not that it damaged your body.
 . . . your first question to the doctor is “How soon can I go running again?”
. . . your ideal temperature outside is between 45 and 60.  Debatable
. . . you have no problem awaking early Saturday morning, but hit the snooze M-F.
. . . you arrive sooner using the steps than the ones taking the elevator.
. . . you’d rather take those steps than the elevator.
. . . on business trips you run around the hotel parking lot to get your daily run in.
. . . you generate more laundry than a newborn.
. . . you consider your daily run as therapy or an anti-depressant.
. . . you know exactly how far that daily run was.
. . . you run for fun.  No, seriously.

What would you add to this list?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Goodbye my love!..chocolate

One of my favorite things in the WORLD is chocolate!!  I am addicted.  Once I start, I cannot stop.  If it is in my house, it is gone that day.  It doesn't matte how much I have, whether it be one piece or a whole bag of family size M&Ms.  Another favorite thing of mine in Ice creme!! Again, once I start, I cannot leave the freezer.  Because of that "bad habit" it is one of the reasons the pounds creep up on me and my pants no longer fit.

Previously for New Years Resolutions, one year I gave up chocolate and the following I gave up ice creme. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.

I have decided to do that again.  After reading Tori's blog about kicking her soda habit, I figured I would jump on the train too.  Thank you for the inspiration and motivation to get it together.

I told two of my girlfriends, Nicole and Carol, once I (key word, I) finish my Ben and Jerry's fish food ice creme there will be NO more chocolate for me.  I also included ice creme with that because there are many alternatives to ice creme, like my favorite, Cherry Berry!! (I must do a review on them soon- It is amazing)

I have been chocolate and ice creme free for about 48 hours~~ WOohoo :)

I miss you!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

It is spring break!!! I am therefore thankful for a lot of things!!

1. Roommates :)  I do not know what I would do without her.  She washes my dishes, cleans our apartments, listens to my crazy antics and buys me chocolate cake when I am craving it!  (But that will no longer happen, wait till tomorrow's post).    She made me an amazing breakfast this morning.  Be jealous, she is a great roommate
Egg beaters, bagel thin and turkey bacon ;)
2. Spring Break- This week had been filled with things to do, but I finally was able to sleep in today!  I slept till 8:00.  I am thankful for not having to set an alarm clock today.  I managed to shop and spend money I do not have but wish I did, go to the beach for the first time this season, go to Disney, get plenty of Dr. Appointments in and spring clean.
Minus my finger, Chimpanzee sand castle at Disney

3. Hunger Games.  I have not put this book down this week!  I begged my students, friends and even my Coach for the books!  I am almost done with three and then it is show time.  I have already purchased my tickets for the midnight premiere.  Oh, Liam, I am coming for you!!
Hunger Games IMDB because apparently it won't link to youtube L(

4.  Blogs- Spring break has left me with plenty of time to read blogs!! I am obsessed.!! Please leave your blog recommendations for me here! Thanks:)

What are you thankful for?  What gets you through the week?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One mile recap

After being sidelines for way to long, I was allowed to run one mile. I woke up with my alarm clock even though I did not want to get out of bed. It was set for 8am but the ght I woke up plenty of times due to allergies, choking and whatnot. I woke up, put my running gear on and was out the door. I snapped some pictures to document the momentous occasion. All I have to say was, wow, one mile, I am out of shape..

So back to my knee.... Well I tnk I was thinking too much about it because I felt random things going on in my knee, it went right away. I got about .5 miles in and I was out of breath, I sold down, turned around and continued. Finally, at about .75 miles in, the pain was there. The darn knee pain that had been there since December.

Well, back to the doctor I went, I have one week of intense exercises, icing and stretching and then is get to run a mile again. Woohoo!!!!

Picture to follow because I apparently cannot upload pics from my iPad.

Anyone know how to upload pics to blogger from an iPad?

What do you do when an injury sidelines you?

Monday, March 12, 2012

1 mile ready!

Guess who gets to run her one mile tomorrow? Yup, me!

I am very excited. I have done my foam rolling, sneakers are ready to go and my outfit is picked out.

I have "carboloaded" today at Disney which consisted of Mac and cheese, French fries, grapes, mms, and jelly beans. For dinner I had a tuna bowls from ciccio's lodge here in Tampa Palms followed by some fish food ice creme.

My alarm is set for 8 then it's off to the allergist, errands, get togethers, massage and knee appointment!

I cannot remember the last time I was this excited to run, especially one mile. Please do not hurt knee, I am begging and so are my too tight of pants and the 6 pound I put on since February. Whoops :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday quote day

I want to try something out. I want to try and start posting inspirational quotes. I love quotes and sometimes it gets me going. Here is my first one for you all.

" I always loved was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could goo in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs."-Jesse Owens

Thank you Jesse Owens for describing it perfectly!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

happy dance

so, you know that feeling when you haven't been able to run since December and you are allowed to try to run one mile next week? well I am jumping for joy!

this afternoon I went to my massage appointment and saw my doctor and he said I get to try to run one mile. the catch, foam rolling!

please do not think this massage is fun, it is not. Micah beats my left leg up for an hour, it is torture!!

If my knee hurts while I run, that will mean another month or so of no running, annoying exercises and foam rolling. if that happens, I guess I better start saving up for a road bike.

Cross your fingers I am pain free, I have NYC Marathon in less than 8 months! and this flabby non runner body's clothes are starting to get too tight, yuk!!!

happy running :)

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