Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BodyGlide Warmfx product review

A few weeks back, I saw on Twitter Bodyglide was looking for bloggers to review their product.  I jumped on that opportunity because I LOVE me some glide!  I joke with my friends about it how we not only use it for running but also when we go out and have dresses on.  (sorry, I am not tiny and my legs to rub together).  The regular body glide is amazing for chaffing!

Their newest product, is the BODYGLIDE Warm FX anti-pain.  While looking at their website, I was amazed at the products they had.  I didn't realize all that they had.  According to the Bodyglide website the Warm FX Anti-Pain balm :

"comparatively high level of active ingredients, helps jump start warm-ups before activity, and is used anytime for temporary relief of minor pain and soreness of muscles& joints.

The warming effect is focused on the balm and stays where you apply it, its invisible, won't clog pores or trap perspiration, and it washed off with mild soup and water."

What I love about this product is that since it is in a deodorant type dispenser, it had no need to get on my hands like icy-hot or a cream.  There was no worry about getting it on my hands then touching my face, or getting in on my sheets, etc.  I have not tried this product before a long run, only a short one and didn't notice anything different to be honest.  I used this product as an after the fact, "Oh, my body hurts" pain medicine.  I would rub it on my legs or my knees and go on with my day.  I did notice they hurt less.  I am looking forward to trying this product again tomorrow, this time, before my long run!!

This is a product I would totally recommend getting this product and when I use it more, I will let you know more thoughts!  I just am not sure I am that far into my training that my body hurts that much, which is good for me:) 

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  1. That sounds cool. I love biofreeze and tigerbalm...but also hate the idea that it gets on my heads and doesn't feel good. I mistakenly got it in my eye once. That was excruciating!


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