Friday, June 1, 2012

May Goals Recap

Here you can find the goals I made for May.  May certainly flew by as I was consumed with work this month and going through way too many emotions with it.  I finally have a free minute or two to go through my May goals and recap on them!
Thanks for sticking with me guys:)

Goal 1: Get a haircut
Success!!!! It was so nice to get a haircut.  Goodbye dead ends and soft hair!  This makes it so much easier to want to do my hair when it is so soft!

Goal 2: RUn 6 miles
Check!! It was not a full run, but a run walk of 7.5 which I will take.  Marathon training began and I am all over that (after this crazy week).

Goal 3: Loose Weight
Epic Fail!! This afternoon I received the results of my blood test and my thyroid is overactive.  Most people would loose weight because their metabolism is faster but I am known to gain weight because you are also hungrier.  Now that we are trying to work out meds, this should and WILL change!

Goal 4: Tone it up
Not at all :( But I have drank the drinks they recommend

Goal 5: Veganesque
This is simply not for me.  I am so picky that it simply was not possible.  I do plan to incorporate a more vegetarian diet though and try to cut out dairy which I do not normally eat anyway.  

Goal 6: Resume

I am happy with the goals I completed this month.  Now to come up with my goals for next month!!

How did you do on your May goals?  What do you have planned for June?


  1. It sounds like you did great this month even if you did go MIA! Will you discuss what they're going to do about your overactive thyroid? My doc is sending me to get test for that, again. Ugh.

  2. I certainly will!!! Thanks for another post idea!! Will work on that :) I have had thyroid problems for a while which were diagnosed when I was in High school!. Good luck!


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