Thursday, June 7, 2012

it's OK Thursday

Neely links up every week with an "It's OK".  I am going to try one of my own:)  Feel free to link up as well and add your link to the bottom.  I really need to learn how to blog :)

Happy Thursday everyone and..

It's Ok...

To eat frozen yogurt for dinner since I am having a fundraiser 

Not run in two weeks because you are completely exhausted

Be counting down the days till vacation

Not want to be in front of people in a bathing suit because you're a beast

Wish you had celiac because that would answer why you are having health issues

To know you have the best friends in the world

That I am going to cry like a blubbering baby when I leave work tomorrow because it will be my last day there

That students are sad to see me go :)


  1. I hear you about counting down the days to vacation. Praise the Lord for vacations!!

  2. on the real though, so many people suffer from intolerance to gluten! i have had a lot of stomach issues, and they have gotten worse since I started eating healthier. Recently I gave up most dairy, gluten and starchy foods and I feel SUPER awesome :)

    super serious reply to your post, aha, sorry! i just hate to see people feeling sick!

    great list! :)


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