Monday, June 4, 2012

Thyroid Disorders...Here is my story

Morgan over at Redheadrunning asked if I was going to discuss what they are going to do about my overactive thyroid and I believe that is a great idea!  Thank you!  This is not something I even thought about discussing but it is something I live with daily and does not effect my everyday life, so to speak.

Here is my history to start you off with a background.

I was first diagnosed with Graves Disease when I was a freshman in high school.  This means my thyroid produces excessive hormones.  My parents just thought I was a moody teenager but fortunately there was more to that story.  Not only was I bitchy, but I wasn't getting my period or it was very irregular, I was always warm, exhausted and taking naps. imgres.jpg
Since the thyroid produces too much, it needs to be reduced.  I started with tapazole medicine, but after a while it is easier to treat it with radioactive iodine, or at least in my case.  I had to get my thyroid radioactive iodined twice because the first time did not "kill it".   Once it is killed, I was put on synthroid to add the thyroid hormones back into my body to regulate it.  It takes a while to adjust medicine to see exactly where your body should be at.  I have been at doses from 125 micrograms to currently 150 micrograms.
This is can be measured easily with a blood test, testing for TSH, thyroid stimulating Hormone.
For a while, my dosage was not changes, for years actually and just recently my doctor has to increase my dosage because my levels were not high enough.  When I found out my levels were low, everything made sense!!  I thought everything had to do with work and being back from Spring break.  I was exhausted, cold, and honestly, I do not remember what else.  My Doctor increased my meds and we were set to go.
Now, my levels are too high and we are trying to figure out a method to get myself back to "normal".  We are about to try alternating between the 137 and 150 microgram to level everything out.    I really hope this works because that is the last thing I need to worry about.  It is frustrating but luckily can be controlled with medicine, a tiny pill that I take every morning with water, an hour before I eat.

Have you had any "disorders"?  I now have low iron...This should be a fun journey...

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  1. You know mine .... Thyroid cancer. Total removal. Damaged vocal cord which was removed also. Low-T so now on weekly shots. On and on.


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