Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Marathon Training: A love/hate relationship

After being sidelined with an injury for way too long, I have finally been able to get out and get my sweat on!  Well, living in Florida, you walk outside and you get your sweat on...Just saying.

I certainly have a love/hate (mostly love) relationship with training for a Marathon.  I am currently training for my 2nd and 3rd marathon.  M2 with be ING NYC and 3 will be a 1/2 Full Combo being the Disney Goofy and a 1/2.  I will get into details on both races/runs at a later date.

I made a list of this I love and hate about the whole training process.  You also have to remember, I have not ran in 4 months before training began.

Hate...Finding new muscles
Hate...Sweating in the Florida Heat
Hate...Early wake up calls..sometimes as early as 3:30 am
Hate...Leaving as my roommate is coming home as I have found her on the stairs before
Love...a toned body
Love..knowing I could outrun anyone in distance
Hate...Ice Bathes
Love...Knowing I could kick anyone harder than most
Love...Eating whatever and not gain weight
Hate...New blisters and having the most sensitive feet ever
Love..A shiny new medal
Hate...Sweat in my eyes

What do you love/hate about training for a marathon?

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