Monday, September 17, 2012

20 miles..still Alive

After running 20 miles this weekend, it is safe to say, I am still alive.  
I woke up bright and early and made my way over to my favorite spot for a long run.  I met up with Jessica and Aimee who are both training for Chicago.  Jessica is also doing Disney with me, and when I saw with, I simply mean we will be there the same weekend because, well, I am slow.

We were off and I brought my handy dandy flashlight (which I somehow already lost) this time.  It was needed and Jessica kept hearing animal noises and I was luckily their guard.  

This run started out slower for me than most runs.  By mile one I was scared I wasn't going to make it, or I would have to walk majority of it.  By mile 4 my body started to cooperate.  I practiced running to the water stops and after I would get water, walk for a few minutes because realistically, that is how I am going to do it in New York.  For NY, I know I am not going to break any records, and I may even finish slower than my last run even though that is highly unlikely unless I stop and smell the roses or get sick.  Wow, I talk a lot.

The next time I looked at my watch it was mile 5.5 because I wanted to see what time it was..well, I couldn't my watch turned off.  It wold not power back on and I know it was fully charged.  I was freaking out in my head.  Luckily, my trail has every mile numbered and figured out how I wold get all 2o miles in before hand.  Hallelujah!!  I truly believe my Garmin not working was a blessing in disguise.  I didn't worry once about my pace, I paid attention to my form and my crazy swinging arms.  I took my time and felt great.

At mile 11 I met up with some cool folks I know from Team in Training.  They were doing 9 miles so they were at mile 2(ish).  Christa was so kind to let me borrow her watch just because I like to know what time it is.  I trecked on along with some cool folks for another 3 miles.  It was their turn to turn around and I still had 1.5 to go.  At this point I was starting to feel it.  

Mile 16 is where it hit me.  I was hydrating and every water stop.  I had some gatorade I brought along the way and was eating my honey stingers about every 4-5 miles.  I knew I had four miles to go.  That was the only thing getting me though the rest of the miles.  Every step I got closer to my car the happier I became.  I just wanted to shop.

Mile 17 I walked..I hurt.  My arms were chaffed I had to keep them up.

At mile 18 I ran walked because its the easiest mile to break  up with the bridge :)

Mile 19 I saw my amazing friend Kat and I "ran" the rest of the way home.  And by home, I mean to my car.  I wanted to cry.  I hurt and wanted to be done already.  I am not sure how I am going to make it 26.2 miles.  After the run, I am not sure how I am making it 39.3 miles in January.  I also wanted to do a Ultra, a 50k trail run.  

Well.  Finishing my first 20 miler of the season was an accomplishment.  I finished in under 5 hours, I had nothing to pace myself.  That included all the times I stopped to chat and eat.  

Thanks roommate for letting me use the tub
After the 20 mile run, it was off to Panera and a 30 pound ice bath.

Before I started my run, I bribed myself.  I do that often.  I tell myself, if I complete XXX then I get XXX.  Today was a trainer for my bike.

Not only did I get a trainer, I now needed  a new watch.  This was one expensive weekend for me.  I guess that means a lot of saving the next few months.

How do you get through tough long runs?  How do you motivate yourself? 

**Please check out my Team in Training Website.  For every $5.00 donation now through October 1st, you can choose a song for my to listen to and pick the mile for either the NYC Marathon or DIsney Marathon weekend :)**


  1. 20 miles is an amazing thing! It is not an easy thing what so ever. When I was training for my first marathon this past winter I lucked out and trained with a large running group. That is what kept me going. I, too, would reward myself with little things for each accomplishment along the way. I always would stop for a latte or coffee before an ice bath too ha! It somehow made it better :)
    I think on race day your adrenaline is going to get you to to 26.2, it might not be easy but the amazing feeling you get crossing over that finish line is more than worth it! Keep going girl, you are doing awesome!

  2. Genna I am confident in your abilities...the only thing that will stop you is your mind....believe you can do it and you will do it...if you can run 20 you can complete a marathon, it's all mental can do 26,2


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