Thursday, September 27, 2012

Friday Letters

Happy Friday Everyone!
I have been seeing the Friday Letters around the blogging universe and I love this idea!
I wanted to start out this week :)

Dear Self,
You are pretty amazing sometimes.  You rock!

Dear Cross Country Students,
I know (or I hope) you will not read this but I am so sad I had to say goodbye to you.  You are amazing!  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to give you my all.  Selfishly, now I am able to have "me" time.

Dear Readers,
Thanks for stopping by! I love hearing all your feedback and reading your comments.

Dear Future Husband,
I can't wait to meet you, but please come soon!

Dear Body,
I really hope you hold up for this weekends race.  I am so excited to participate but I am not really sure how I am going to stay up past my bedtime and run ten miles.  Why did I sign up for this race?  I am super excited to wear my tutu!!!!

Dear Bulls,
Please win against FSU.  I don't want to be mocked wearing my USF shirt, shorts, and tutu this weekend!

On another note, Guess my finish time to win a copy of 
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All you need to do is comment below and guess the time you believe I will finish my 10 mile race saturday night!.  Happy Guessing :)

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