Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Being too cautious?

Is there a thing as being too cautious?  Or is it not wanting to know the outcome?

I am talking about running right now.

Two weeks ago I went on my amazing/not so amazing 20 mile run and thought I was just sore in my right leg but a few days later it still hurt, and not a ouch I am sore but out, my muscle is feeling weird. After a 1.5 mile run last week I had to hobble back.  I started foam rolling, kneading it, and stretching it by myself.

I have a race on Saturday evening so I wanted to to get checked out and worked on my by amazing Dr.!  I went there, he did his magic, I hope. I was told to let it rest a few days and I can go back out for a short run on Thursday.  

As much as I want to run Thursday, I am scared.  I am scared it will hurt and I won't be able to run the race on Saturday and I will have to walk another event. 

I am scared it won't be OK for NYC, the race I have been training for, for months, the race many dream of getting into and  have the opportunity to go partake in.

Am I crazy?

How do you deal with these issues?  

Also, I am very excited for Sunday to recap my workout week with Meghan and Kat!  We are hosting an linkup and very very very excited to join in with these amazing inspiring women.  Come link up!
Hopefully I will be crossing the finish line as the posts go up!  


  1. You aren't crazy. At all. I had a minor surgery two weeks before the NYC, and it scared me pantsless.

    Say little prayers. I'll say a few for you :)

  2. Ahhh, yes I know the nerves you're going through right now! I may end up having to walk a bunch of WHM - if not all? I think not knowing how fast your body will recoop is the WORST part about injuries.

    I am interested in the recap! Maybe it'll get me posting more ;)


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