Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting Personal

Here's a little tidbit about me:
I take things personal
It's just me.  

There are many things I will not talk about because I don't like "confrontation" or "arguing"  or "heated discussion".  I do not talk politics because even though it is not an attack on me, I feel as if it is.  It doesn't upset me when a person talks about the person or politician, but when they start talking about the supports, that is when I get upset.

People say certain sports teams suck.  Why would that ever upset me?  I have no idea?! But again, I take it personal even though it has, nor will ever have anything to do with me.

This is definitely one of my many flaws I have.  This is something I need to work on.  

I have contemplated getting off social media when the whole controversy surrounding the New York City Marathon.  People were criticizing the runners.  I wish people understood how much words can hurt even if they were not directed at Me, or individuals, and I also wish I had thicker skin.  I was a participant of the NYCM.  I did not choose for it to not be cancelled the first time around. I do believe it should have been cancelled, the first day, no denying that, but I do not think people need to be so mean.  I am not sure if I took it so hard because I am originally from New York.  I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island so maybe it hit me worse seeing friends and people I know saying this stuff.

I think people need to be aware of what they say.  I think the recipients need to be aware of the circumstances of what is being said.  People take things personal without hearing whole stories of whole comments.

Find out the truth in a statement, listen to peoples reasons for the statement.

Apologize and accept apologizes.

Don't be too quick to judge.

Do you take things personal?  What do you take personal?

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  1. I have a tendency to take things WAY too personally at times, it stinks b/c in the end no one is more upset than I am, lol. Hope you have a great rest of the week, Genna!


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