Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Week in Review

Wow! So the weekend is over and boy was that a crazy weekend!  From killer runs to bachelorette festivities and a Yelp! party, I am beat!  I am so happy that I am off today to get caught up on life.  And by that I mean, see doctors, run errands, grade, plan for school, and clean.  Now lets see if any of this actually gets done.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I am already looking forward to Friday because then I have a week off (again, to get more done). Here is a brief rundown of what my weekend was like.


Friday I jetted out of work and had to go shopping for some sequins for my good ole friend Amanda's Bachelorette party! I headed up to Wiregrass and found that Charlotte Rousse had lots to choose from.  I actually have never shopped there, but I couldn't beat the shirt I bough for $10!  I met an old coworker for dinner at Ciao!.  The food was gross.  We split an appetizer and entree and neither of us liked either.  It was a little expensive for our liking.  

Saturday I was up "late" for a long run with my Team.  It was so nice to be able to start a run with them, as I am normally there before because I had double the miles due to NY.  I had a lovely 12 miler which kicked butt!  I napped and headed straight to Orlando for the Bachelorette festivities! I made it to Westgate Lakes resort ight before 5pm, we relaxed and got ready.  We played some games that involved the male body part and a booty shaking contest.  The shuttle picked us up at 7:30 for an 8:00 reservation at P.F. Chang's.  The food was yum yum!  We then headed to Cowboys for some country line dancing.  I actually really liked this place because this is a venue that you can be on the dance floor alone.  Most of the times when we go out, we need a buddy to go dancing, this was just perfect.  We then headed downtown!  We had so much fun scavenger hunting a little booklet of things the Bride must do!  I was so happy to get back to the hotel though because man were my feet on fire!

Me and the Bride to be

All of us ready for a fun night!

Sorority sisters! celebrating the bride to be

Sunday I headed home as soon as I woke up, napped, cleaned, and headed to the Yelp Livin' la vida Local event held at Datz! It was so much fun and great to see my pretty friends!  Sunday was pretty unproductive due to my 2 hour nap and my 1+ car ride home, but it was was I needed.  If i did not nap, I would have been cranky pants at Datz!
Myself and Meghan at the Yelp Livin' la vida local event 

How was your weekend?  Did you get all that you needed to get done? If you had an extra day off, how did you spend it?

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