Saturday, November 17, 2012

Womens Half Marathon Race Expo and Shower Pill Code

When I hear the word “expo” and I know I can go, my credit card runs the other way.  Unfortunately, I know the number by heart and I am quick enough to catch it.  

Yesterday evening, after work, I headed to St. Pete to pick up my Women’s Half Marathon race bib and check out the expo.  This race was actually my second half marathon and I loved every second of it.  I did not originally register for this race because I would still be recovering from NY.  With NY being cancelled, I emailed the race directors to see if I can still get in.  I did :) and they donated 20% of my registration to Feeding America for Hurricane Sandy. 
My view to the expo- Sunshine Skyway Bridge
I got there at about 4:15 and found a parking spot close to the Vinoy and headed in, picked up my stuff and headed towards the expo.   I knew the expo was small due to the last time I was there, but I was certainly not impressed with what was there.  I was upset that the majority of the space was Fit 2 Run.  There wasn’t anything I “needed” but knew if there was stuff I wanted, I would purchase it.  I walked out with a gift for my sister from Raw threads that I will be giving her for Hanukkah.

All the pretty bags

What greeted us as we walked in to get our shirts and expo 

On the way out, I saw my Team in Training Peeps.  This race is benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma society, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I will be out there in my purple jersey hoping I don’t chaffe too much.  Glide will be my friend tomorrow.  

I still haven’t made up goals for tomorrow for many reasons. 
 1. I was just put on new meds for my stomach, Amitiza, and I didn’t get to finish my 16 miles I had on deck for today.  I only made it 9.  4.5 run out, 4.5 walk back
2. .On the way back, my hip started to hurt.  I have been icing and foam rolling all day.  it hurt so bad, I couldn’t walk.
3. I could have possibly PR but I didn’t have a rest day today, but it is still possible if I really push it. 
4. I would like to add some miles before or after the race to really focus on the "goofy" training.

How would you run this race?

I am so excited to be running with the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers!  I get to see their faces running.  I am very excited Run Tampa is Hosting a water stop.  I am also very excited, my first Team coach, Pete is the on course coach and TNT has  a cheer station!  Lot’s of motivation to get me through the run.

After the race, I will be on a mad dash to a dear friends birthday brunch.  I won’t have the chance to shower and just in time, I received these amazing wipes! 

use code SPFRIDAY on Amazon for Buy 2 get 1 free!

 I cannot wait to use them.  I have heard such wonderful things about them.  I actually keep baby wipes in my car, but I am hoping they won’t leave me nice and baby fresh.  I have two packed in my bag ready to go!  

**I will have a recap of the race and the ShowerPill once I get back into town on Wednesday, or once I get to my destination Sunday night or Monday when I am not a walking zombie.

ShowerPill is offering you a black friday deal!  Buy two get one free on amazon.  You need to add three to your cart though and use the code SPFRIDAY

I can’t wait for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge!  You get the opportunity to win prizes for staying active and staying accountable.  Go sign up here


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  1. Hi lady! Everyone is talking about these shower pill deals. I'mma need to try some. Avoid the stank and all. ;)

    P.S. I just added you to mah blog roll. Not sure how I missed you. Mah bad.


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