Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekly Workout Roundup + Goofy Training week 3

I am over the moon with actually getting my workouts in this week.  This week I was off! Yes, the whole week and it was absolutely wonderful.  I was able to lay in bed till after 5am during the week, get my workouts in without stressing about getting lessons done or things graded.  Last night, I was sleeping before 8 and slept almost 11 hours.  It was absolutely glorious.  I am now sad that vacation is over and I have to head back to work tomorrow with the rest of the world.  I am counting down till Winter break though, do not worry, I am countdown queen!

As for being countdown queen, 48 days till I am in Disney for the Goofy Challenge!  I am very pleased with my training this week (minus the stinky runs), I was able to get in the milage even though it was tough.

This is how it was broken down

Monday was a glorious Rest day after the Women's Half Marathon and I was out of town.  My cousin and I went for a walk to the beach to a lovely lunch.  It was defiantly longer than we thought it was and my butt muscle was screaming at me, not to mention everything else at that point.  This was my "shake out/Recovery" walk.

Tuesday I headed out to get some speed work in but have been having trouble in the "pain in the butt", and no, not my coaches but apparently my Piriformis.  I have been stretching and icing like it is my job.

Wednesday was spin day!  They gym got new bikes and I am in love!  It kicked my butt, I was drenched in sweat.  You know you like the instructor when you drive 45 minutes for a 1 hour class then 45 minutes back home.  That is why you see the "20" under Wednesday because our bikes have speedometers.  

Thursday was my first Turkey Trot.  My sister did her first 5k! and it was a rough course!  I was warned about the hills.  They did not lie.  I think this with the spin class the night before, this kicked my booty.  


Saturday was 20 miles with the team!  It was a hot mess!  When at mile 1, your body hurts, you know it is going to be long.  But something Meghan has been saying on her blog was that for 26.2 miles, you are going to want to stop at some point, you just need to push through it, it really motivated me to keep going and not head home after mile 10.  Those miles were slower than I wanted, but my body was burnt from the week. My knee was hurting, my quads were screaming, my calves were not happy and the list can go on.  But my first 20 miler for Disney is done! 

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How did your workouts go this week?
Are you training for anything special?
How do you mentally get over the hurdle?
Have you donated to the leukemia and lymphoma society?  I would love you forever!


  1. Great job pushing through the pain and knocking out the 20 miler! Hopefully the next one will be easier for you.

    1. Thank you, It was certainly difficult. I hope the next one is a lot better and is a confidence booster.

  2. Haha! I love your "thinking" on your plan for Sunday. I do the same thing. I'm probably not going to do any cross training or anything today. I'm thinking I might try crossfire tomorrow though. Nice job on your training this week! It does feel so good to get it all in. You're going to be great. Just stick with it! I'm glad my comments about just finishing motivated you. That's how I keep going sometimes too...I just keep that in the back of my mind. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Congrats! What a successful week! I am so excited for you and the Goofy challenge!

  4. Very cool recap...chock full of pics! ;)

  5. Yay, I'm training for the Goofy too! Way to go on the 20 miler!

  6. Awesome job Genna! 20mi is a huge number. You're doing great!

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