Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday- last weeks that never posted

Thankful Thursday:
So, let’s just list this one out   I am thankful someone told me to write lists!!  Such a great way to track things
  • Planning periods:  With it being FCAT week here in Florida our schedules are out of wack.  With that being said, planning periods are nonexistent most days for most teachers.  It was so nice to get a break because having students testing and then “hanging” around it killer for them. They were just so excited when I told them they did not have another section.  So, having a planning period I am very grateful for.
  • Friends who TRI:  What would I do without great friends with great words of wisdom for a beginner who is learning to TRI.  This week I went to Jen’s to try her Road bike and she had so much wonderful info for me.  Yes, it went in one ear and out the other because there is just so much to know.  
  • Ebates:  I have had a membership for and a good friend told me about it and I bought a bracelet from because it was only $11.99 and after seeing Meghan’s Twitter how she got $15.00 back so I jumped on that offer.  I made 3 dollars off of a very pretty bracelet.  
  • Whole Foods Market:  This has officially become my favorite food store, besides Publix of course.  They have such a great selection of fish and premade meals.  I stocked up on shrimp which as on sale for $5.99, quinoa burgers, tofu, and  brown rice wasabi crackers.  I just enjoy the fresh salad bar and the soup selections.  And, if you bring your own bag they will either give you $.10 or donate it if you choose.  
  • A broom:  I just got new students today.  They are three guinea pigs.  My students LOVED them, but boy do they make a mess!!!  There is hay everywhere and they were pooping and peeing everywhere.  On that note, I am thankful for Clorox wipes.
On that note, I am always thankful for my loyal readers and even more thankful for all your kind words.  I LOVE comments!!

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