Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tampa Bay Lady Blogger Meet Up

This Sunday, Meghann and Callie organized a Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers meet up for bloggers in the Tampa Bay Area (in case you were unaware by the title).  We met over at The Lime Restaurant on South Howard.  I have been to this restaurant before and have mixed feeling about it.  It was nice to be introduced to the people who write these blogs.  As creepy as it sounds, and we all know I am a creeper, I feel like I sort of know these women.  I also met a bunch of bloggers that I haven’t read their blogs before.  It was great to find another great blog to read.  After reading Diana’s blog, I found out quinoa was kosher for Passover which I would have loved to know beforehand because I lived on Matzah and peanut butter and now I can’t even think about peanut 
butter, sad to say.  

We sat around and chatted, we introduced ourselves as well as our blogs.  We munched on chips and dip and I ordered a grilled fish wrap with a side salad.  Unfortunately, I did not like my food at all.  It was pretty bland.  Maybe it was because I did not get the tartar sauce on it.  I added salsa which made it edible.  Like I said earlier, this was the third time I went to The Lime.  The first time I didn’t like my taco’s one bit, the second time I ordered a bowl and it was delicious.  This time, not so good.  This was a 3pm get together so we were in between meals.  I was the only one to order a meal and I think the server was either a little annoyed and kept asking us if we wanted to order, or knew people were goin to review the restaurant and kept asking for customer service.  It got a little out of hand and I found it annoying.  
I certainly did not like the food, but the Nachos and trio dip did come out very quickly.  Hey had a nice big table for all of us and the weather was beautiful so we were able to sit with the windows open behind us.  

On that note, unless I have a reason to go to the Lime, I will not be back.  I do LOVE all the other restaurants by this owner.  Ciccio’s Lodge in Tampa Palms is my favorite restaurant in Tampa.  
It was so great getting to know a new group of girls who have similar interest.
I can’t wait for the next blogger get together in St. Pete, let me know if you are interested in attending!!


  1. It was nice to meet you Genna and I'm glad I finally figured out why you looked so familiar! Hopefully I'll see you at the Mile 12 water station on Sunday!


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