Monday, April 23, 2012

Wait, have I mentioned I am doing a TRI?

Less than two months till I TRI!

Have I mentioned lately that I signed up for a Triathlon?  I may or may not have mentioned it on here.
I saw this on Twitter actually via Callie, thewannabeathlete.

It is a reverse TRI and in a POOL!! I love the beach but hate the water.  It is my biggest fear to have to swim 
in it and then run on the sand, which just sounds gross.

I met my friend Jen the other night because she has an extra road bike I am going to purchase from her.  So yes, I signed up for a TRI without a bike and I can’t swim and haven’t run in 4 months.  I have 2 months to get my rear end in shape!!!

Now here is where YOU come in.  What do I need for a TRI?  What do I pack?  I am not sure what else to ask because I do not know what a TRI entails..

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  1. You know PLENTY of people with Tri's under their belt. Don't make the same mistake we did when starting and over equip. At the basic level you need: SWIM (suit, goggle, cap), BIKE (bike, helmet, gloves, shoes, sunglasses, top, bike shorts), RUN (shoes, hat, sunglasses). If you get a tri suit, or tri top and tri shorts, then you can swim, bike, and run all in the same thing. Short Tri's (Sprints and Olympics) you don't even really need to carry water.

    As far as running on the sand being "gross" ... stop being such a girl. ;)


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