Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kitchen Staples

Are you a list maker?  I would not be able to survive without a list.  Not only would I not get anything done, I would not remember what I have to get done.  I would forget what to buy at the stores, how many miles I need to run, what I need to pack on trips.  The list is endless of what type of lists I make.  I make lists for what I need to tell my students, what to plan.  Oh when it is time for the weekend, that list gets very long!

Today my list will consist of my Kitchen Staples.  I would love to get your feedback on what is a staple in your house?  What does it consist of?  Healthy foods, your favorite foods, what you eat with every meal?

Here is my Kitchen staple:
-Frozen Green Peas:  This may sounds like an odd one but I eat green peas with everything!! I put it in my pasta, have them as a snack.  I use them to ice my knees

-Fruit:  This is certainly one of my favorite foods.  They are perfect to snack on, for breakfast or a sweet treat.
        - Pineapple, grapes, strawberries, and bananas oh MY!!!

-Water: I live on water

-Tomatoes: Yes, once again my favorite fruit/vegetable.  I don’t like salad so this is what I order out

-Brown Rice Pasta has become the new pasta in my panty.  I eat plenty of gluten but figured I mine as well cut it out a bit.  If you haven’t ever tried it, I would recommend it.  It may taste a little gummy at first or different, but I love it and haven’t turned back to regular or whole wheat pasta since.

-Purple Potatoes:  These are my favorite.  I add red pepper flakes, garlic powder, Cajun seasoning and olive oil and make little fries.  They taste fabulous with sweet chili sauce!

Fish:  I don’t eat much meat so this is a staple for my protein.  My favorite that  I regularly get are shrimp, tilapia, salmon and tuna steak!! Yummy in my tummy!

What is on your staple list?  Any ideas on what I can incorporate into my diet?  


  1. Cannot live without bananas, oatmeal, lettuce, sweet potatoes, apples, and.... most important, peanut butter :-)

    1. I love a good sweet potato!!! I am actually newly allergic to apples and surprisingly, after eating peanut butter and Matzah for a week of passover I can't look at peanut butter now. I am sure I can in a week though :)

  2. My most important staples and on the list EVERY week are granola, hummus, whole wheat pitas (I eat these for sandwiches and make homemade pita chips for snacks!), bananas, strawberries, baby carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach(but you mentioned you don't like salad - do you like spinach?) eggs(I eat two hardboiled everyday), and lots of greek yogurt! I don't eat a lot of meat either, so your fishy list is pretty much the same as mine!

    1. I only like spinach sautéed, and not all thsat much. I should really try to keep making it and not letting it go to waste! I just need to remember that now :)

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